/ Alumni and Family Engagement


H-Club is formed of athletic alumni who completed at least one season of a varsity or junior varsity sport at Hope. They support 鶹ý through active interest and promotion of the athletic program as an important part of the educational process.

The H-Club is designed to: 

  • Connect our athletic alumni to the college, current student athletes and each other
  • Provide opportunities for athletic alumni to support the athletic program, current and future athletes
  • Promote and celebrate our athletic history and ongoing events and contests

H-Club members

  • Receive a lifelong pass to home athletic games (excluding men's basketball)
  • Receive a free Dow Center membership
  • Are invited to special H-Club events throughout the year to celebrate Hope’s athletic history
  • Are encouraged to join the conversation about athletics at Hope
  • Have opportunities to recognize members of H-Club for their outstanding work and service via the Hope for Humanity Award